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25 02.2014
And the “Oscar®” for “Best Movie Line” goes to...

Amy Adams in American Hustle; Clooney places 2nd in Gravity “Worst Movie Line” prize goes to Bruce Willis line in Red 2: global poll by Read more…

27 12.2013
Great balls of fire: Scots New Year’s custom of swinging fire-balls among “world’s strangest”

…Irish custom of banging bread on the walls stranger still, but “world’s strangest New Year’s custom” is… Hanging out in graveyard with dead relatives (Chile). Read more…

23 12.2013
Badoo reaches 200 million users

World’s most popular app for connecting people locally grows by 100,000 new users every day. Read more…

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29 10.2014
Dating apps? I’m all for them!

Britain’s best-known relationship expert Tracey Cox tells Badoo why she thinks the rise of dating apps have changed the dating landscape for the better. Read more…

23 10.2014
What’s your worst dating trait?

When you’re in a relationship or on the prowl, what is the characteristic that’s letting you down? Are you too picky? Too stubborn? Or just too self absorbed? Take this quiz to find out! Read more…

23 10.2014
First Date

Stuck for ideas for your Badoo date? Our guest food blogger Shrimoyee illustrates how cooking together can help break the ice.  Read more…

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