Your Own Self-Branded Social Network

Join Badoo's White Label program and seamlessly integrate your site with Badoo's hugely successful social networking platform. Your users will have access to all the features, functionality and 326 million members of the growing Badoo community under your own look and feel.

A partnership with Badoo will deliver greater benefit — at less cost and risk — than any other partnership program offered anywhere else. It's a fast, easy and extremely effective way for you to monetize your user base!

If you have over 5 million proven monthly active users and are looking for ways to make your site more profitable, please contact us for more information.
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It's Free

And we mean it. There’s no need to invest in the development, maintenance, hosting, site moderation and support for the portal – it’s all taken care of by Badoo.

It's Fast

Your custom designed social networking site and domain will be up and running in just a few days. Our experienced team will work with you to create a branded design then you’ll be connected to our database.

It's Profitable

In addition to income earned from your base using Badoo’s premium features, there are other opportunities for profiting by selling advertising as well.

Why Badoo Technology?

Badoo employs the latest in advanced technology and infrastructure.

There’s also a sophisticated billing structure connected to the world’s leading payment services. And, of course, Badoo’s expert support staff.

Why a Social Networking Service?

Social Networks are traditionally amongst the most popular and frequently visited services on the web.

Offering a branded service of your own, backed by the power of Badoo, can help increase traffic and loyalty to your site. And now it’s fast and easy to do.

How Can I Earn?

Through our premium features – in addition to Badoo's free services, we offer a range of very popular and profitable features designed to improve the Badoo user experience.